How to review a podcast

Greg Galant
Oct 28, 2020


A longtime passionate listener asked me how he could leave a review for my podcast on Apple Podcasts. I was surprised by the question since I thought it’d be obvious, but then I tried it myself I found the links were hard to find (it’s nowhere to be found from the Apple Podcast listening screen for example), so I figured I’d illustrate how to do it here.

Step 1

Go to the podcast link, e.g.

Step 2

Click “Listen on Apple Podcasts” on desktop
The prompt will automatically appear on mobile, just click “Open”

Step 3

On desktop, look in the bottom left for “Write a Review”
On mobile, scroll down to the “Ratings & Reviews” section, then click “Write a Review”

Step 4

That’s really it. Just write your review and sent. It will likely take a couple days to appear.

To further spread the love, send a tweet like this (if you’re a podcaster and want to make a tweet link like I did, use ClickToTweet).

Happy listening!



Greg Galant

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